NAPS - North American Pancreatitis Study
The North American Pancreatitis Study (NAPS) website is designed as an umbrella web site for multiple clinical research studies being conducted by a consortium of clinical research sites across North America.

The consortium originated with the North American Pancreatitis Study 2 (NAPS2), which was designed to understand the complex environmental, metabolic, and genetic mechanisms underlying recurrent acute pancreatitis (RAP) and chronic pancreatitis (CP). Between August 2000 and September 2006, a consortium of 20 expert academic and private sites prospectively ascertained 1,000 human subjects with RAP or CP (460 RAP, 540 CP), plus 695 controls (spouse, family, friend or unrelated).

In 2008, the NAPS2-Continuation and Validation (NAPS2-CV) was funded by the National Institute for Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney to continue the work started by NAPS2. The goal of NAPS2-CV is to collect a validation group of 500 subjects for potential genome-wide association studies. Subjects will be enrolled at eight clinical sites across the country: